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    Refer to picture to compare the opacity according to chosen option.

    Please choose the transparency of your curtain
    0% = Opaque (Blackout)

    Please choose the transparency of your curtain
    0% = Opaque (Blackout)

    Please choose the transparency of your curtain
    0% = Opaque (Blackout)

    Please choose the transparency of your curtain
    0% = Opaque (Blackout)

    To recharge the battery (approximately every 300 lifts.) you will need to plug a wire into the mechanism.
    It is important to plan on which side is the most practical outlet for this operation.

    You can add a 5" tall box-style faceplate.

    How to measure?

    INSIDE mounting: The measurements correspond to the exact interior dimensions of your window frame. Sometimes the framing is not perfect, take the smallest measure. Do not make any deductions when taking your measurements, the manufacturer will make sure to make any adjustments. The fabric will be a little narrower on each side than the measurement given due to the mechanism.

    How to measure?

    EXTERIOR mounting: The measurements will exceed your window frame in width and height.
    Aesthetic suggestion: We advise you to cover your moldings.
    Allow about 6 inches more in height and width.
    Give the measurements of the space you want to cover.

    Min 25 - Max 108

    • $

    Min 14 - Max 192

    • $
    If your measurements are not available in our order module, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to serve you!

    Wherever you are, control all your curtains with your smartphone.

    The Pulse Wi-Fi Hub is a control device for automation engines.
    The Automate Pulse application allows you to control your motorized curtains via your phone / tablet.

    • Individual and group control
    • Scene control
    • Timer functionality
    • 400 $
    • $

    Manage your smart blinds individually or in groups with the smart remote control.

    Easy to use: planning commands, LCD color display, USB charging, Simple or advanced programming

    You may need multiple remotes to keep them in different rooms

    Only the 5-channel remote control is also available in black.

    The quantity is independent of the number of curtain.

    • 100 $

    1 power cord is included with your order.
    You can use the same to alternately recharge your different curtains.
    You will need to reload your curtain's battery approximately every 300 lifts.

    • 75 $
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S-Line Standard Motorized with battery + RF control
The battery should be recharged approximately every 300 to 600 lifts.

Contact us if you want a super quiet mechanism.

Front cover: 5”

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